About Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy is a mohjongg solitaire game played on your computer. You can play Mahjongg Alchemy for free here at MahjonggAlchemy.com. Mahjong Solitaire is a tile matching game, you look for like tiles and click on each of them to select and remove the pair.

Mahjongg Alchemy is a twist. It is a timed game. You collect as many points as you can during the time. You may choose the next board when you are stuck. But be careful in Mahjongg Alchemy there are only five total boards .

The way to play this game is fast. Go for the pairs you see right away. Keep choosing pairs as fast as you can. Pay attention to the time, it might be the time to switch boards. But dont be too anxios, the boards get harder.